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Full Stack Engineer.

I've over 4 years experience building and scaling software for good companies. I also share my expertise through blogs. Let's connect ūüĒó!

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Hey, I'm Elie Kilama, a full-stack engineer  with a strong focus on developing efficient, scalable and user-friendly applications that help companies solve their problems by creating innovative solutions so they can achieve their goals

Elie has collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and maintain web applications using modern front-end frameworks. He has also developed RESTful APIs, Websocket and integrated third-party APIs for data retrieval and processing.

Elie is also a technical writer, actively sharing his expertise through thought-provoking technical articles. Check out my posts covering FullsSack development, DApp development and more on Medium.

Develop production-ready applications.


Material UI

Tailwind CSS





Django(RestFull API)

DataBase and ORM.





Decentralized applications





Coordinate work





AWS Amazon


What I Do.

Frontend Apps

Familiar with various frontend frameworks and librairies and passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies and continously strive to improve my skills and knowledge.

Backend Apps

As a backend developer, I specialize in the server-side of web development and my main responsibility is to create and maintain the logic & functionality that powers web applications and services

Blockchain Apps

As blockchain developer, One my key responsibilities is to write a smart contracts, which are self-executing code blocks that excute the terms of an agrument between parties on the blockchain.

Quick Meeting

This is a 30-minute or hour-long meeting during which we discuss all aspects of your project, your ideas and anything else relating to the technology industry. I look forward to working with you. ūüėä

Technical content & article writing

Extend to research and formatting, ensuring that your articles or contents are not only accurate but also presented in a clear and well-structured way.

My latest works.

Coming   soon oooo!!!

My latest blogs.

Kilama Elie

Build and Deploy a ReactJS App to AWS EC2 with Docker, NGINX, and Automate with GitHub Actions.

In today’s digital landscape, master the art of building, deploying and automating ReactJS Apps using Docker, NGINX and GitHub actions on AWS EC2. ...

Kilama Elie

Kilama Elie

Aug 25, 2023

My Client.

I have had the opportunities to work with a diverse group of companies, Some of the notable companies I have work with includes

Oxide Digital Technology
Wema Health Initiative

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